Elegant Magazine Beauty Editorial - BTS

As things begin to slow down after the holidays, I have wanted to do a fun editorial to freshen up my portfolio. Planning editorials is a lot of work as they require a significant amount of time that is spent coming up with the locations, finding a model who will fit the part, pulling clothing from different designers, and the hours spent shooting the editorial and changing looks in between. Typically an editorial is around 6 looks with a continuous theme (makeup or clothing). Recently, I had a makeup artist, June Ellis, contact me about wanting to shoot and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to shoot something fun! As we went back and forth deciding what we wanted to shoot, we finally decided on a beauty editorial. I love to keep all my photos fresh and natural and June also loved the idea, making us the perfect team. Next, we needed to figure out our model. We decided to use a model, McKenna Tag (Benz Tampa), which June had previously worked with in the past.


I was super excited for this shoot because it was my first time using a two light set up in the studio. This past year, I have only had one strobe to work with so I loved the extra source of light, especially since we shot through the night, making the natural light constantly change in the studio. With this particular shoot, I used two strobes with a large octabox diffuser that lit the backdrop, and a beauty dish above the model. I shot this editorial in a naturally lit room from about 12:00pm-6:00pm. We did 6 different looks that the stylist (and my sister), Emilee Krick, picked out for us. She did an amazing job giving us plenty of pieces and accessories to work with. We decided to go with a very feminine theme with pastel colors and shot with a few roses that we incorporated throughout the shoot. I shot this editorial with my 5D Mark 3 camera and my lovely 85mm F1.8 lens. This is my basic go-to lens for most of my shoots. The backdrop was originally a sky blue but I planned to change it to a light lavender color post shoot.


This was by far the most relaxing editorial that I have ever shot. Since we shot in studio, there weren’t any time limitations. June does an amazing job on set and helps give me ideas that I am able to bring to life. She is very relaxed and confident in her work, as she has done hair and makeup for numerous celebrities, including Ciara, Bella Thorne, Pitbull, Serena Williams, Victoria Justice, and many others. Our model, McKenna Tagg moved extremely well and was able to give us a variety of different shots. This shoot surpassed my expectations and I am super excited to show you all the photos!


Shoot Credits:


Photographer: Sarah Krick

Makeup & Hair: June Ellis (www.june-ellis.com)

Model: McKenna Tagg @ Benz Tampa

Stylist: Emilee Krick